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We are specialist in road, track and mountain bikes, with high street shops in Welshpool and Newtown.
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  1. Casco Speedster TC... no visor
    Casco Speedster TC... no visor

    RRP: £94.99

    Our Price: £85.50

    The SPEEDster TC helmet features the brilliant adaptive aerodynamic design with a modular system where a SPEEDmask can be added or replaced at any time. The adaptive aerodynamic design that is unique to the SPEED series allows for the helmet to adapt to the rider's head position while delivering perfect aerodynamics. Along with the SPEED series capabilities, CASCO's offers many other patented unique helmet features. 

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  2. white/blue
    MET Manta HES Road Cycling Helmet 2016

    RRP: £169.00

    Our Price: £139.00

     New for 2016!

    The difference between winning and losing - the fastest closed aero road helmet! Learn More

  3. Yellow
    100% iTrack Glove

    The perfect glove for track riders

    The 100 Percent iTrack Glove has been designed with ultra-lightweight materials fused with a simplistic style that top riders have come to expect from the highest quality, delivering maximum comfort and durability and providing the rider with complete connectivity to the bike with minimal distractions.

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  4. black - blue
    Kask Protone Helmet

    The Kask Protone Helmet is the ultimate aero road helmet.

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  5. Casco SpeedAiro TC Plus
    Casco SpeedAiro TC Plus

    RRP: £199.00

    Our Price: £169.00

    Adaptive aerodynamics: The aerodynamics adjust to the rider's body position and head posture delivering outstanding performance in any position.

    The helmet-shape promotes airflow through its double-shell construction and multiple break-away edges cut air resistance.

     Included accessories: 4 Season Cover Sunshield Multi-functional cloth

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  6. family
    NiteBright Safety System

    RRP: £28.95

    Our Price: £20.00

    The NiteBright Ultimate extreme visibility safety system comes complete with ALL of the following:

     •A NiteBright LED unit flashing in RED or GREEN (choose at checkout).

     •The 6 x Interchangeable outlines as shown above to suit a variety of uses and interests.

    •3 x AAA Batteries for 80+ hours of continuous use (may differ from brand shown)

     •The NiteBright wearable harness which comes in two sizes as outlined below and is fully adjustable for both size and comfort.

     •The NiteBright Universal harness which can be easily and quickly secured onto any bag, rucksack or object up to 115cm* in diameter using its Velcro straps

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  7. Casco SPEEDairoRS with Visor
    Casco SPEEDairoRS with Visor

    RRP: £239.00

    Our Price: £169.00

    The SPEEDairo helmet, one in CASCO's SPEED series, is a brilliant combination of outstanding aerodynamics and optimal cooling.

    The adaptive aerodynamic design that is unique to CASCO's SPEED series allows the helmet to adapt to the rider's head position whilst delivering perfect aerodynamics.

     With numerous tear-off airflow edges on the rear of the helmet preventing turbulence, precious time will be shaved off in the fight for supremacy.

    It has been said by athletes that the SPEEDairo is perfect for triathlons as it offers the perfect combination of aerodynamics and view with great ventilation.

     Along with the SPEED series capabilities, CASCO ensures many more patented unique features

  8. uvex race 4 helmet
    uvex race 4 helmet

    RRP: £599.00

    Our Price: £499.00

    Aerodynamic. Unbreakable.

    The time trial helmet uvex race 4 is made of high quality real-carbon for professional athletes and ambitious cycling enthusiasts.

     The helmet´s aerodynamic form and extremely light weight provide a low air resistance which makes it the prefered choice for short time trial distances.

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  9. white
    Lazer Wasp Air

    RRP: £249.00

    Our Price: £219.00

    The Wasp Air is a short tail version of the Wasp helmet designed to meet the needs of triathlete’s, track and TT riders

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  10. Casco Speed Airo
    Casco Speed Airo

    RRP: £184.99

    Our Price: £149.00

    Speed Air - Outstanding aerodynamics meets perfect cooling

    now available in 2 colours Black or White

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